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News and Announcements: Intermediate Youth Camp 2014 年中级班圣经营


Intermediate Youth Camp 2014 年中级班圣经营





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English Contents

Thank God that I had the opportunity to attend the IY camp this year. It was a very enriching and fulfilling experience. The camp was held from the 14th to 17th of March. This year’s camp was rather different from the previous years as it was centred more on lessons. I came in expecting to learn more about the Bible and about preaching, and I was not disappointed! The whole camp was carried out very well and the transitions between each session were very smooth. The lessons we learnt were all very practical and insightful, showing us the old paths where the men of faith had travelled for us to follow suit, as it corresponds with the theme verse, Jeremiah 6:16 – “Thus says the Lord: ‘Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it.’”

This camp had a variety of lessons, from fellowship to lessons to practical applications! One such practical application lessons we had was the door-to-door preaching. We were taught how to approach people and speak to them on the topic of Christianity, together with the skills needed for door-to-door preaching! Later on, we had the chance to try out these skills and to gain exposure and experience by going out to certain blocks, knocking on the doors and trying to start a conversation on the topic of Christianity. This, to me, was a really good opportunity to learn and to understand the problems faced during door-to door preaching! We would then be able to analyse the responses of people and then improve ourselves such that we would be able to carry a conversation with others or to avoid offending others!

The lessons were all very appropriate and insightful! We had a lesson where we went and take a closer look at 3 young men in the Bible, the rich young ruler, Eutychus and Timothy. The Preacher gave us a very deep and insightful message on these 3 characters and how we can learn from them. The other lesson was on decisions that impact our lives. We were given multiple scenarios to look at and to decide what we would do. This allowed us to see situations from a third person perspective and to make a rational decision based on what we can see in the Bible. This was really helpful as sometimes when we face such problems, we tend to get very emotional in the heat of the moment and sometimes it’s hard to make a decision that would please God. So this lesson really helped us to prepare for the future, if we ever had to meet such situations.

We also had fun learning the Word of God! We were split into 4 groups, each group having one Bible character, Moses, Daniel, Ezra or Jacob, and to make a skit out of the decisions the Bible character had to make, but the twist was to put it in modern context! We not only had fun thinking and acting, but also had fun watching our peers perform. This really allowed us to see the decisions each Biblical character’s decision with much more clarity. Sometimes when we read the decisions a Bible character makes, for example Moses’s encounter with the burning bush and his decisions to follow God and lead God’s people out of Egypt. Sometimes it is hard for us to visualise it. But putting it in modern context, we really see the struggle he had to go through and appreciate the event more!

We had games too! We had a D-I-Y dinner, which was a lot of fun. We were split into 4 groups again and we decided on what we were going to cook. We had a lot of fun shopping for ingredients and working together as a group to make one very delicious meal. People shouting all over for chopping boards and tissues, the whole kitchen was very crowded but the atmosphere was  great! In the end, thank God, nobody complained that they were sick and the food was great!

With supper every night, I’m sure all participants had a great time eating, drinking and having fun with one another. It was a good way to relax after a long day and it really did bring us closer together as a unit. I had fun learning God’s Word and I felt very edified by the camp, I’m sure all other participants would tell you the same thing too! God bless!

Chinese Contents

圣经营于 3 月 14 日至 17 日举开。感谢神让我有机会参加今年的中级班圣经营。与往年不同,这次的活动主要以课堂上课为中心。我来之前抱着学习圣经和学习如何传福音的态度,而圣经营的确没有另我失望。课程的安排及每堂课的衔接都很顺畅;内容很实际也有深度。这与主题章节,耶利米书 6章 16 节, “耶和华 如此说:你们当站在路上察看,访问古 道 ,哪是善道, 便行在其间 ;这样,你们心里必得安息。他们却说:我们不行在其间”一致,让我们看到古人所行的道并效法他们的信心。




我们分成四组以有趣的方式学习神的话语。每组被分配一 位圣经人物,既摩西,但以理,以斯拉和雅各。学员们必须以现今社会为背景,以短剧的方式来演绎他们如何在人生中作出对的选择。往往看圣经时总是无法理解先人在重要的时刻是如何作出正确的抉择。比如摩西在火焰的荆棘中为何会决定跟从神,听从神将百姓从埃及领出来。若将他们与现代的背景接轨,我们就可以理解先人内心的挣扎,就能更珍惜他们当时所做出的决定。




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