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Singapore > News and Announcements > Batu Pahat Ministry Report 2013 年巴督巴辖事工报告  

News and Announcements: Batu Pahat Ministry Report 2013 年巴督巴辖事工报告


Batu Pahat Ministry Report 2013 年巴督巴辖事工报告





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Batu Pahat is a developing town in Johor, Malaysia, situated about 130km northwest of Singapore. Batu Pahat Prayer House has a total congregation of about twenty members. The members congregate regularly for services on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. The prayer house in Batu Pahat requires outside assistance especially in the area of religious education work and pulpit ministry due to a shortage of local workers.

In the area of pulpit ministry, speakers from Singapore are scheduled to speak on the 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month, whilst Pr Nahum Lim, the preacher pastoring Southern Region and the deacons and members from Johor Bahru would take turns to speak on other weeks, including Friday nights.

In the area of Religious Education Work, RE teachers from Singapore are arranged to teach on every 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th week of the month. On the 4th week of every month, the Batu Pahat members themselves would conduct lessons for the students who are observers. In the year 2013, there were 2 RE classes in Batu Pahat with a total enrolment of 7 students. The Intermediate youth class had an enrolment of 4 students (2 members, 2 observers) and the Observer class had an enrolment of 3 students who had been attending to church on ad-hoc basis since 2012.

All praises be given to God, four RE teachers were recruited to the Batu Pahat missionary team. They are Sis Linda Kim, Bro Xiong An, Bro Lian Wei and Sis Phoebe. With this new recruit, each teacher is scheduled to teach once every three months. The drivers to fetch these teachers are scheduled to drive twice every three months to Batu Pahat.

For 2014, Batu Pahat Religious Education in-charge is looking to commence a regular RE class for students aged 3 to 7 years old. With the consent of the parents (one of whom is a member of the church), the brethren take turns to fetch the children who are aged 3 to 7 years so that regular RE classes could be conducted for these children.

With this arrangement, Singapore RE Teachers would teach the Intermediate Youth Class and the new RE class, whilst the Batu Pahat members would teach the observers class.

Kindly that God would continue to guide the Batu Pahat ministry in 2014. Amen!

Chinese Contents

巴督巴辖位于新加坡西北部约 130 公里以外,是马来西亚柔佛州的一个发展中的市镇。巴督巴辖祈祷所的信徒数约二十 位。他们于星期五晚间和星期六下午聚集聚会。由于缺乏工人,巴督巴辖需要人力的支援,特别是在宗教教育及讲台事 工方面。


在宗教教育事工方面,新加坡教会的教员于每个月的第一, 二,三及五的星期六前往协助。巴督巴辖的信徒则负责在 第四个星期为慕道班的学生上课。于 2013 年,巴督巴辖 共有两个宗教教育班级,7 位学生。中级班有四位学生(2 位信徒,2 位慕道朋友);慕道者班共有 3 位学生 (他们于 2012 年开始陆陆续续来教会)。

赞美神!于 2013 年巴督巴辖的工作团队新增了四位教员。随着他们的加入,现在教员协助的梯次是每三个月轮流一次; 驾驶员是每三个月轮值两次。

于 2014 年,巴督巴辖祈祷所增设新的一班,学生年龄介于 3 至 7 岁。为了让这新班级可以持续,在孩子们的父母(其 中一位是本会信徒)同意之下,巴督巴辖的信徒将安排载送他们到教会上宗教教育课。




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