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Singapore > News and Announcements > Senior Members’ Day - 16 August 2014  

News and Announcements: Senior Members’ Day - 16 August 2014


Senior Members’ Day - 16 August 2014





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English Contents

Is the old man well ? - Pr Ho Jung Yu
Pr Ho Jung Yu’s cited Joseph’s story as the center of his message. Joseph was concern for the wellbeing of his father and his younger sibling. He subsequently received his father’s household to live in Egypt and cared for his aging father. Joseph’s demonstration of filial Piety exemplified the care and concern shown to parents and seizing the opportunity to fulfill a child’s duty. This is a beautiful thing that pleases God.

As Dn Chung Ling introduced the senior members who were present, each one of them was handed a souvenir by their own grandchildren or an REU students. The gesture was evidently appreciated by the elderly members. They were then treated to a fun-filled song & music presentation by the students. Dn John Chin & Uncle Walter Koh also took the stage to sing praises together with the children.

After the customary group photo-taking, the congregations gathered at the dining area for a sumptuous buffet dinner while the seniors were treated to a special dinner prepared by some of the best cooks of the Jia En Fellowship.

Honoring Senior Members - Pr Chin Aun Quek
Praise the Lord for His abundant blessings and grace that Sembawang Church held the Senior Member Day this year. Members were edified by the message from Pr Chin Aun Quek to them that Honoring our Senior Members is not just to provide their physical needs but also to respect them in all our actions in daily living. There are total of 15 Senior Members this year including 1 truth seeker this year, after RE and Youth Choir presentation, Dn Isaac Tan introduced all the Senior Members and presented them the chicken essence as the souvenir this year. The event was closed by sumptuous buffet dinner

May all the glory given to His name.

Ruth’s filial piety to Naomi her mother-in-law - Pr Simon Chin
On August 16, we gave blessings to our senior members as we honoured their longevity and endurance of faith in the Lord.

Each had a rose boutonniere pinned on them, and presented with a pack of chicken essence. The sermon by Preacher Simon Chin on “Ruth’s filial piety to Naomi her mother-in-law”, encouraged us to honour and respect our parents. After a short break, the respective Religious Education classes presented their hymn items, starting with the youngest. The students sang heartily in praise of the Lord.

The service ended with an introduction of all the Evergreen Fellowship members, and a photography session. Dinner was then lovingly served buffet style, with a special menu for our elders.

Chinese Contents

老人家平安吗? - 何荣裕传道

约瑟关心自己的父亲和胞弟,重视他们是否平安。过后将家人接到埃及居住,奉养 父亲到老。效法约瑟的孝心,对长辈和父母的关怀及问候,把握机会表达身为子女 的本份,这是神所悦纳的美事。

当忠灵执事介绍年长者时,同时由他们的孙儿或学生送上礼物。可以看出年长者的 高兴和笑容。接着,小朋友一一呈现诗歌唱游,连陈约翰执事和 Walter 弟兄也上前 和小朋友们一起合唱。

拍了全体照以后,全体会众一起享用丰富的自助餐,而年长者也一起坐席,享受由 加恩团契的最佳厨师为他们烹调的特别晚餐。

尊敬年长者 - 陈恩国传道
感谢神丰富的祝福,今年三巴旺教会能够举开敬老会,有陈恩国传道证道勉励我们 当尊敬年长者,不只在提供物质的需要,也要在日常生活中以行动尊敬他们。 今年有 15 位年长者,包括 1 位慕道者;在宗教教育学生和青年诗班献诗之后,陈以 撒执事介绍所有的年长者并送给他们鸡精当作今年的礼物。敬老会结束后有丰富的 自助晚餐。


路得对婆婆拿俄米的孝心 - 陈西门传道
在 8 月 16 日,我们有一个特别的祝福给所有的年长者,因为敬佩他们在主里面长久 的信心。每一位年长者佩戴一朵玫瑰胸花,和一份鸡精当作礼物。陈西门传道以 “路得对婆婆拿俄米的孝心”为题,勉励我们要尊敬父母。休息片刻,各班宗教教 育的学生呈献他们的诗歌项目,从幼儿班开始。学生们由衷地唱诗赞美神。



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