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News and Announcements: New Teens Camp ~ 22-24 Nov 2014


New Teens Camp ~ 22-24 Nov 2014





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New Teens Camp ~ 22-24 Nov 2014

New Teens Camp (NTC) 2014 was held at Adam Church from 22-24 November, with a wonderful sum of 27 students excluding group facilitators and camp commander Sister Shi Sang. Through God's grace, 2 JB sisters and 1 truth-seeker were able to participate. The camp revolves around Joseph as one who forgives and obeys God, who is truthful and faithful in his life of faith. This enhances the camp‟s main theme which is centered round Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time”. The camp aims to encourage our new teens to be like Joseph, and able to see God‟s beautiful will even in the toughest times.

An array of events was planned just for the students: from indoors to outdoors, from games to prayer sessions. Sharing sessions by Preacher Chong such as "Gravity" help students understand the importance of having the right Christian mindset and the placing God as life‟s core. Small group sessions help to reinforce the idea as well. What is new and unique about NTC‟14 is the activity „Know our church sacraments‟. Students are brought to the baptismal site to witness baptism first-hand, and also foot-washing and Holy Communion sacraments that were held in the Telok Kurau church. Sacraments are truly important and this camp serves as a bridge for students to better understand the church sacraments.

The camp was able to run smoothly because of God‟s grace and abidance. May all that was done in His name was pleasing and glorifying.

All glory to God.

Chinese Contents

新青营 ~ 2014 年11月22日-24日

2014年11月22日至24日,于亚当路教会举开新青营。感谢神的恩典,共有27位学生参加,当中包括两位来自新山教会的学生并一位慕道朋友。其他参与的还有协调员和石桑姐妹作为新青营的协调长。新青营的主题 “ 神造万物,各按其时成为美好” (传道书3章11节)。活动内容围绕着约瑟一生对信仰的忠心,对人的饶恕与听从神。宗旨是要勉励学生来学习约瑟在苦难中依然看见神美好的旨意。

活动包括一系列室内、室外游戏,祷告会。张传道在分享课中提到‘地心吸力’,帮助学生理解拥有正确基督徒观念,将神摆在生命的中心之重要性。 在分组活动中也再次强调主题内容。2014年的新青营有一个特别的活动“认识本会的圣礼”。我们把学生带到洗礼场观礼,也在直落古楼教会见证了洗脚礼和圣餐礼。 希望藉此让学生开始认识教会的圣礼。




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