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Attachment12/1/2016 3:22 PM
12th Dec 2016 Friday 7:30pm - Grab hold of One True God
13th Dec 2016 Saturday 7:30pm - Grab hold of Jesus Christ
14th Dec 2016 Sunday 7:30pm - Grab hold of Eternal Life
Venue: Adam Road Church
Attachment6/5/2016 11:20 PM
Attachment2/12/2015 3:40 PM
SEATTC Student Theological Course Graduates Camp for Skill Training in Evangelism & Pastoral Care 2014

SCB Training Department conducted the 2014 STTC Graduates Camp for Skill Training in Evangelism and Pastoral Care from 15 to 23 December 2014 at Adam Road Church. The participants were graduates of the STTC, age between 17 to 20. Unlike the theory and knowledge based STTC, the Graduates Camp emphasized on the practical aspects of the Christian faith and focussed on training the participants to deploy their Biblical knowledge and skills to serve God.

The contents of the course include lessons on Pastoral Care of Youths and Elderly, Evangelism, Q & A on Five Basic Doctrines, Sexuality Education, Bible Study Leading, Bible Study on 1 & 2 Peter, Homosexuality, Multi-Media Technology and Workshops.
The lecturers were Pr Huang Chia Ming, Pr. Chin Aun Quek, Pr Peter Shee, Pr Ho Jung Yu, Pr Barnabas Chong, Dn. Isaac Tan, Dns. Anna Khoo, Dn Joshua Chong and Dn Caleb Lee. There were 21 participants.
Attachment1/6/2015 10:22 AM
New Teens Camp ~ 22-24 Nov 2014

New Teens Camp (NTC) 2014 was held at Adam Church from 22-24 November, with a wonderful sum of 27 students excluding group facilitators and camp commander Sister Shi Sang. Through God's grace, 2 JB sisters and 1 truth-seeker were able to participate. The camp revolves around Joseph as one who forgives and obeys God, who is truthful and faithful in his life of faith. This enhances the camp‟s main theme which is centered round Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time”. The camp aims to encourage our new teens to be like Joseph, and able to see God‟s beautiful will even in the toughest times.

An array of events was planned just for the students: from indoors to outdoors, from games to prayer sessions. Sharing sessions by Preacher Chong such as "Gravity" help students understand the importance of having the right Christian mindset and the placing God as life‟s core. Small group sessions help to reinforce the idea as well. What is new and unique about NTC‟14 is the activity „Know our church sacraments‟. Students are brought to the baptismal site to witness baptism first-hand, and also foot-washing and Holy Communion sacraments that were held in the Telok Kurau church. Sacraments are truly important and this camp serves as a bridge for students to better understand the church sacraments.

The camp was able to run smoothly because of God‟s grace and abidance. May all that was done in His name was pleasing and glorifying.

All glory to God.
Attachment1/6/2015 10:11 AM

SEATTC Student Theological Training Course 2014

The SEATTC Student Theological Training Course (STTC) was held from 2 to 23 December 2014. The lecturers were Pr. Simon Chin, Pr. Chin Aun Quek, Pr. Peter Shee, Pr. Barnabas Chong and Pr. Ho Jung Yu as well as Pr Huang Chia Ming from Taiwan GA. These ministers diligently expounded the teachings of the Bible for these youthful believers of the Lord. Also 16 previous graduates offered their time to serve as counsellors; they guided the students in their duties, facilitated counselling sessions and contributed to the smooth running of the course. There were 24 first-year students, 19 second-year students, and 21 third-year students. All were from the three churches in Singapore with the exception of six from Brunei, eight from Perth and one from Malaysia.

Praise be unto God that during the course He bestowed His precious Holy Spirit upon seven students (Bro. Kok Hoong Wu from Adam Rd; Sis. Jessie Ng, Sis. Vanessa Luo, Sis. Isabel Chew and truth seeker Clarabelle Sim from Telok Kurau; Bro. Isaac Soon from Sembawang; Sis. Tran Thi Thuc Phuong from Brunei).
Attachment1/6/2015 10:09 AM
Report on Year-End Spiritual Meeting and Baptism (27-30 Nov 2014)

Theme is - Exercise Yourself Toward Godliness. (1 Tim 4: 7-8)
1. Seeking the Fullness of the Holy Spirit
2. Prayer - From Weakness To Joy
3. Overcoming Trials & Temptations
4. Be Fruitful
5. Working with the Holy Spirit
6. Live Peaceably with All Men

Adam & Sembawang: 8+1
Telok Kurau: 10

Holy Communion:
Adam & Sembawang: 380
Telok Kurau: 353

Receive the Holy Spirit:
Adam & Sembawang: 2+0
Telok Kurau: 4
Attachment11/25/2014 3:19 PM
Time: 7:30PM
12Dec - The Question of Life
13Dec - The Coordinates of Life
14Dec - The Hope of Life
Attachment11/13/2014 12:55 AM

11/3/2014 2:05 PM
‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ (Heb 12:1).

Thanks the guidance of the Lord, there were 13 observers from the 3 churches who attended the Truthseekers’ Gathering. After hearing the testimony spoken by Preacher Peter Shee; we split into small groups and share our experiences on how we searched for the truth and ultimately came to believe in the True Jesus Church. The Fellowship ended with a prayer for Holy Spirit. It is hoped that our friends will continue to study the truth in the bible, and come to believe in the True Jesus Church. May we all receive the heavenly blessing together in the Lord.
Attachment10/6/2014 10:59 AM
Is the old man well ? - Pr Ho Jung Yu
Pr Ho Jung Yu’s cited Joseph’s story as the center of his message. Joseph was concern for the wellbeing of his father and his younger sibling. He subsequently received his father’s household to live in Egypt and cared for his aging father. Joseph’s demonstration of filial Piety exemplified the care and concern shown to parents and seizing the opportunity to fulfill a child’s duty. This is a beautiful thing that pleases God.

As Dn Chung Ling introduced the senior members who were present, each one of them was handed a souvenir by their own grandchildren or an REU students. The gesture was evidently appreciated by the elderly members. They were then treated to a fun-filled song & music presentation by the students. Dn John Chin & Uncle Walter Koh also took the stage to sing praises together with the children.

After the customary group photo-taking, the congregations gathered at the dining area for a sumptuous buffet dinner while the seniors were treated to a special dinner prepared by some of the best cooks of the Jia En Fellowship.

Honoring Senior Members - Pr Chin Aun Quek
Praise the Lord for His abundant blessings and grace that Sembawang Church held the Senior Member Day this year. Members were edified by the message from Pr Chin Aun Quek to them that Honoring our Senior Members is not just to provide their physical needs but also to respect them in all our actions in daily living. There are total of 15 Senior Members this year including 1 truth seeker this year, after RE and Youth Choir presentation, Dn Isaac Tan introduced all the Senior Members and presented them the chicken essence as the souvenir this year. The event was closed by sumptuous buffet dinner

May all the glory given to His name.

Ruth’s filial piety to Naomi her mother-in-law - Pr Simon Chin
On August 16, we gave blessings to our senior members as we honoured their longevity and endurance of faith in the Lord.

Each had a rose boutonniere pinned on them, and presented with a pack of chicken essence. The sermon by Preacher Simon Chin on “Ruth’s filial piety to Naomi her mother-in-law”, encouraged us to honour and respect our parents. After a short break, the respective Religious Education classes presented their hymn items, starting with the youngest. The students sang heartily in praise of the Lord.

The service ended with an introduction of all the Evergreen Fellowship members, and a photography session. Dinner was then lovingly served buffet style, with a special menu for our elders.
Attachment10/6/2014 10:37 AM
Evergreen Fellowship Outing: Gardens by the Bay

The Singapore Garden Festival August was held at the Gardens by the Bay, which displayed tropical horticulture, artistry and exquisite floral exhibitions, offering a special entry fee of SGD$4 for senior members as well as a tour in the Flower dome. Taking note of the low entry, the committee members thus made a quick decision for the group to attend the event on 21st August, Thursday.

In all, this event saw 66 registrants, including several volunteers who helped the older members who had movement difficulties.
The church chartered two buses, one each fetching members from Telok Kurau Church and Adam Road Church respectively, heading straight for Gardens by the Bay.

The group first visited the Flower Dome, where they had the Orchid Extravaganza, showcasing many species of orchids from all over the world. This was followed by a 15-minute walk to the Garden Fiesta and Floral Windows, which displayed countless creative and enchanting designs that would amaze flower lovers, and exclaim the wonder of God's creation.

The group left the Garden at 12.30pm for a sumptuous lunch together at a nearby restaurant. Taking up six tables, our brethren sat and ate, concluding the enjoyable outing at about 2.30pm.
Attachment10/6/2014 10:11 AM
Eastern Hemisphere Department of world Mission (EHDWM)
2014 Annual Meeting in Hong Kong

The 2014 Annual EHDWM Meeting was held in Hong Kong from 1st to 2nd September in the True Jesus Church in Fortress Hill Hong Kong. Altogether 14 elders, deacons and preachers representing the General Assembly and Co-Ordination Board of 10 countries/state and 5 representing the GA/CB Missionary Committees participated in the meeting. The Chairman of IA-Elder TSE attended and EHDWM Director Elder Phoong presided in the meeting. Each GA/CB/ Missionary Committee gave a report of church work being conducted in its country and in newly pioneered region with the aid of power-point presentation. Planning for preachers/deacons allocation for 2015 work in every GA & CB was also carried out. It was also decided that the 2015 EHDWM annual meeting be held in West Malaysia in the month of August.

The CB in Hong Kong was formed in recent years and since its formation, the churches are more cohesive in the conducting of church work. Co-operation between the members from various churches was evident in the logistic work, reception and accommodation arrangement of the host- TJC Hong Kong Co-Ordination Board. The delegates were accommodated in a hotel about ten minutes walk from the TJC Hong Kong, venue of the meeting. Meals were served in the church premises prepared by the brethren from the various churches.

After the EHDWM meeting in Hong Kong, the delegates were brought for a 5-day visit/tour to Guang Zhao and Fu Qing where the TJC is established. The Singapore preachers namely Pr. Peter Shee and Pr. Simon Chin however returned home on 3rd September in time for the SCB Preachers Spiritual Nurture Retreat.
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