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Adam Road Church

Adam Road Church

Adam Road Church
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  About the Adam Road Church

 Contact Information

    Street Address17D Adam Road
    Singapore 289890
    Postal Code289890
    Mailing Address17D Adam Road
    Singapore 289890
    Mailing City
    Mailing State/Province
    Mailing Postal Code289890
    Main Phone(+65) 6467-0149
    2nd Phone
    Fax Number(+65) 6467-2315
    Contact PersonSis. Mei-Chow
    Resident PastorPr. Elisha Shim
    Pastor's Phone Number
    Year Established1989


The true and complete gospel of Jesus was preached to Singapore in 1925, bringing the first five truth seekers into the fold of the Lord. They accepted the message of salvation and were baptized into the Name of Jesus, establishing True Jesus Church's first church in Singapore.

God withheld no grace and the flock grew to 50 in 1926. The work of salvation continued, and in a missionary effort by the church in January 1927, the 'good news' was preached in Chung Teck School. Fourteen people were converted.

In the early days, believers assembled for worship at the second level of a shop-house. A proper place of worship at Kinta Road was only acquired in 27 February 1927. In need for better locations to congregate and accommodate a growing population, the church moved to the second level of a provision shop at Beach Road one year later. And in 1936, it relocated yet again to 339 Beach Road. The church remained there for some 30 years before finally moving, in 1966, to one of her present locations today - Telok Kurau.

The growing years of the church saw many missionaries traveling from China and Taiwan to assist in the divine work here. All thanks to God, for the Lord worked through these workers and greatly strengthened the faith of the members. This moved the church from the pioneering stage to a nurturing one. To serve this purpose, Telok Kurau church built an additional two-floor annex in 1969 to serve the purpose of religious education and theological classes.

Following a plan to acquire a second church building, a land in Serangoon district was purchased. The wooden house that was already built on the land was dedicated as a church in 16 December 1979. The intention was to use it as a temporary place of worship while plans were made to erect a new church building in the same area. However, the authorities rejected the proposed plan. Shelving the idea, the land was sold and another was bought, which became the other present location of the church today - Adam Road.
A new church building was constructed on the new plot of land at Adam Road. Dedicated to the Lord in 12 November 1989, Adam Road church begun worship services with a portion of the congregation from Telok Kurau church. The church population continued to grow as the Lord brought more people into his fold.

In April 1993, the old Telok Kurau church was demolished to make way for a new building. The larger building was constructed to house better facilities for the members. The project came to completion in June 1994 and dedication to the Lord took place on 12 March 1995.

Today, the churches in Singapore play a major role in local evangelism, as well as missionary outreach programs in regions such as India, Malaysia and Myanmar. The True Jesus Church South East Asian Theological Training Center (SEATTC) was also recently established here to meet the needs of theological training in the local region.

The church in Singapore has come a long way since her pioneering days - all these made possible only by the abundant grace of God. From beginning till present, His Holy Spirit fills His people, His miracles testify His presence, and His Truth builds the saving foundation. God cannot be seen clearer.

All glory be to God.

 Directions and Transportation

Available Buses
Number Bus-stop Location
74, 93, 157, 165, 852, 855 Along Adam Road
(Red bus-stops in map)
66, 67, 74, 151, 154, 156, 157, 170, 171, 174,
852, 961
In front of Crown Centre (along Bukit Timah Road)
Serene Centre (McDonald’s Farrer Road), Crown Centre
Station Bus-Transfer Remarks
Botanic Gardens (CC19) - 10 minutes walking distance to church.
Serene Centre (McDonald’s Farrer Road), Crown Centre
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· Singapore Bus Service Transit (SBS Transit)
· Trans-Island Bus Service (TIBS)
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