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27/05/2012 17:07IMP is coming to town
Yes it is and our site will be updated very shortly!!
27/05/201226/06/201227/05/2012 17:07tjcelgintjcelgin
12/12/2006 16:25A New Sheep To The Fold
On Saturday 2nd of December we baptised and welcomed brother Michael Ho from Aberdeen into the Lord Jesus' fold.  Brother Michael is the cousin of another of our Aberdeen members, Stuart Ho; who also introduced the True Jesus Church to him.  For the past few months brother Stuart and Pr. Steven Shek have been working hard to minister to Bro. Michael and thank the Lord Jesus Christ and His mercy, Bro. Michael received the Holy Spirit and decided to be baptised into the church.  Coincidentally, Bro. Michael was baptised on the same day that Bro. Stuart was baptised 11 years ago. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless and strengthen Bro Michael as he walks on this heavenly journey.  May all glory be to our God. Amen.
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