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29/08/2008 19:00Discontinuation of Sunday Services
Because of the changing situation of many of the China brethren, CPH will discontinue holding Sunday services every two weeks at the East Barnwell Community Centre.
Instead, members who are able to attend our Sabbath services are welcome to do so. CPH board members will try and make better arrangements for future services.
29/08/200828/12/200829/08/2008 19:00Cambridge Prayer HouseCambridge Prayer House
02/10/2007 19:48Sunday services at East BarnwellJoining the China brethren
CPH are extending their hours of service and worship to include the China brethren who find it very hard to attend Sabbath due to work committments.
As such, the CPH members will hold a service with the China brethren bimonthly, at the East Barnwell community centre between 12-2pm.
Please feel free to join us and do bring any luncheon refreshments to share.
02/10/200701/11/200702/10/2007 19:48Cambridge Prayer HouseCambridge Prayer House
26/07/2007 22:22Cambridge Assist weekends with the NEG
Thank God we held our first 'Cambridge Assist weekend' last weekend. We held door to door evangelism in the surrounding village areas pertinent to CPH's location and distributed leaflets in the East Barnwell area.
Our next Cambridge assist weekend will see door to door follow up in East Barnwell and an informal chat with a BBQ for all friends and interested neighbours.
26/07/200726/08/200726/07/2007 22:22Cambridge Prayer HouseCambridge Prayer House
26/07/2007 22:19August prayers
Every 2nd prayer session of the Sabbath day in August will be dedicated to evangelical work leading up to the convocation 
26/07/200702/09/200726/07/2007 22:19Cambridge Prayer HouseCambridge Prayer House