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26/02/2011 10:54Edinburgh Church Bulletin (19 Feb) 愛丁堡教會2月19日通訊
Prayer Requests: 代禱事項: 1. Brethren suffering from ill-health 健康欠佳的同靈們 Sister Wai Yee Ho (cancerous cells discovered at thyroid) 何惠儀姊妹 (甲狀腺發現癌細胞) Sister Ng Kiu Lee (discharged from hospital) 李伍嬌姊妹 (已出院回家) Brother Loi Sing Ho 何來勝弟兄 2. Brethren experiencing trials and temptations in their faith journey, including the lost sheep and those who are weak in faith 在信仰歷程面臨試煉和誘惑的同靈們,包括迷羊及信心軟弱者 3. Evangelistic activities and truth-seekers 宣道活動及慕道者 4. All church workers, including the Church Board, ministers, preachers, RE teachers, fellowship in charges etc 所有教會工人,包括教會負責人, 各長執傳道, 宗教教育教員, 團契負責等 5. Workers who are working aboard, including 在國外工作之聖工人員,包括 27/1 - 20/2 Dn Luke Chan in Russia 陳路加執事巡牧俄羅斯 28/1 - 28/2 Pr TK Chin in West Africa 陳天求傳道巡牧西非 3/2 - 6/3 Prs FF Chong & Johnny Lie in East Africa 張福華, 廖觀煌傳道巡牧東非 6. Our own spirituality, that by the Spirit, we may put to death the deeds of the body, that we may live. (Rom 8:13) 我們自己的靈性,能以靠著聖靈治死身體的惡行而活。(羅8:13) Announcements: 佈告事項: 1. Praise the Lord that sister Lok Sze Fong gave birth to a baby girl at 10:43 on 19 Feb. Both mother and baby are well. 方洛斯姊妹於19日10:43誕下女嬰. 感謝主,母女平安 2. 20 Feb @ 10:30: Church board meeting 負責人會會議 Activities Scheduled for the Near Future: 不久將來已安排的活動: 1. 21-24 February: UKGA Adult Theological Training Course (@Newcastle) 英總成人神訓班 (於紐卡素) 2. 5 March: First Sabbath morning service on odd months will be an evangelistic service. The first topic will be "Jesus is Our Shepherd". Please invite friends, relatives and truth-seekers to attend. 每單月第一安息日崇拜聚會將設佈道題. 三月主題為『耶穌是我們的牧者』. 請邀請諸親戚朋友慕道者參加
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31/01/2008 21:17GraphicsFor Graphics Requests
If anyone wishes the Graphics team to create or help in any activities please download and fill in the request forms in the download section as appropriate and hand back to any member of the Graphics team.
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25/02/2007 21:34Gospel Teagospel tea fellowship
Thank God the gospel tea fellowship went smoothly. By God's grace we were joined by 8 truthseekers today. I'm not too sure of the names of all the truth seekers but maybe we can share their names with one another so we can pray for them. Thank God, my friends Marliu, her husband Arthuro and their friend Diana and her baby David came to the gospel tea fellowship. They sent me a text just now to say that they really enjoyed it and thought it was a very special experience and they would like to come back next week. I would like to ask you all to pray for them as they do have a genuine interest in God and hope that God can lead them to the truth. May we all continue to strive harder in our evangelical work and bring more souls to be saved so that we will not meet our Lord Jesus empty handed.
Finally, I would like to ask you all to give me feed back on today's event. It is important that we can learn from today's experience be it good or bad so we can improve on it. So please do not hesitate to voice your opinions and concerns.
If possible, can people who brought friends with them today keep us posted. I believe followup work is essential now and we should all take part either through communication with the truthseekers or in prayer.
May God bless you all and remember your hard work.
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27/01/2007 22:19Elder En-Yuan HoVisit of Elder
We welcome Elder En-Yuan Ho to our humble abodes.  Thank God we have an opportunity to learn from his worker.
26/07/200704/08/200727/01/2007 22:19IMP_PRODBOX\uk.edinburghIMP_PRODBOX\uk.edinburgh
25/01/2007 19:25YTTC 2007Youth Theological Seminar
Get your applications in while you can. Spaces will be limited.
25/01/200720/06/200725/01/2007 19:25IMP_PRODBOX\uk.edinburghIMP_PRODBOX\uk.edinburgh
23/01/2007 01:39UpdatesDelay of updating
Apologies now for the lack of updates to your local church.  We will strive to provide you with all the latest events at the Church and hopefully spend more time on this site.
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23/01/2007 01:37EPG SeminarsTwo great sessions on Daniel
Thank the Lord that we have experienced two Great sessions of learning with Preacher Michael, teaching us the Book of Daniel.  I am sure everyone who attended learned alot and hopefully in the future encourage more members to attend.
23/01/200722/02/200723/01/2007 01:37IMP_PRODBOX\uk.edinburghIMP_PRODBOX\uk.edinburgh
23/04/2006 01:12Elder Cheung
After a teaching and sermonizing for us for the past few weeks Elder Cheung will proceed onwards in his journey of the UK.
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14/04/2006 16:07IMP training Finished
After the IMP Training event the website has now started to take some shape and hopefully content will be updated soon ready for launch
01/04/200614/05/200614/04/2006 16:07IMP_PRODBOX\uk.edinburghIMP_PRODBOX\uk.edinburgh