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Elgin Church


  About the Elgin Church


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 Contact Information

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    Street AddressLesmurdie Road
    Postal CodeIV30 4HP
    Mailing Address
    Mailing City
    Mailing State/Province
    Mailing Postal Code
    CountryUnited Kingdom
    Main Phone44 (1343) 540-129
    2nd Phone
    Fax Number44 (1343) 548-725
    Contact PersonDeacon Silas Chan
    Resident PastorPr Fook Fah Chong, Pr Johnny Liu
    Pastor's Phone Number
    Year Established1985

 Services and Activities

Day Time Activity
Saturdays 11:15 am - 11:30 am Hymnal 

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Morning Sabbath Worship Service

1:00pm - 1:45 pm

Chinese Class for the Youths.


1:45 pm - 2:00 pm Hymnal

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Afternoon Sabbath Service
Sundays 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm Prayer/Assembly

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm R.E. Classes/Youth Bible Study/Adult Bible Study
Tuesdays 11:00 pm - 12:00 pm Worship Service
Wednesday 11:00 pm - 12:00 pm Worship Service

In addition to the above services we also have morning prayer sessions from 10am - 10:30am every weekday.




Welcome to the Elgin True Jesus Church website.  Here you will find contact information, service times, news & upcoming events, photographs, and prayer requests.

The cathedral city of Elgin is located in the North-east of Scotland in the Moray region, it is roughly 45 minutes' drive from the city of Inverness, capital of the Highlands.  The story of how True Jesus Church members came be in Elgin is truly a blessing from God.

In 1976 some believers had already immigrated from Hong Kong and Ap Chau to Newcastle in the United Kingdom in search of work, and had already established the first UK Church there.  Some members travelled further north in search of better work opportunities, and so they ended up as far north as Elgin.  At the time these members did not have a firm foundation in their faith, but through the persistence and love of other members from other churches, the faith of these members grew stronger and stronger.  Bro. Jackie Shek offered the basement of his takeaway as a place of worship for the growing numbers of believers.  And so God's work began to develop.  Elgin Church began very humbly on 2nd of August 1977 as a prayer house; various church officers were appointed and the next generation of members were baptised.  It was not until 10th August 1981 before the Elgin Prayer House achieved the status of Church.  As the faith of the members increased as did their numbers, soon the basement of Bro. Jackie Shek's takeaway became incapable of holding so many people.  Hence the notion of a brand new church building was proposed.  Through the blessings of God and the hard work of the members a half-acre plot of farmland was bought for £10,000 and so the first steps towards a new church building of their own was undertaken.  An architect was commissioned on 23rd September 1983 and planning consent was obtained on 19th January 1984.  Soon after on 23rd of April construction of the new building began.  Elgin Church became the first purpose-built True Jesus Church in the United Kingdom and was dedicated to the Lord in May 1985.  Over the years, the church in Elgin has seen its share of ups and downs, but thank God we have seen more ups than downs.  Since the church was dedicated, a new extension was completed by the end of March 1995 and a 2 Bedroom flat to act as a prayer house was purchased in October 1998 in Aberdeen for the members and students there to hold services.  Thank the Lord deeply for the guidance and care He has shown towards Elgin Church through the years since the first members arrived in 1976.

Currently the church continues to minister to the members in Aberdeen and there have been many new developments.  There are three siblings from Inverness who have been attending services and RE classes regularly for the past year or so, but as yet they have not expressed the desire to be baptised even though they show great interest in the church, however we will continue to pray for them.  Two brothers from Mainland China came over to the Moray area of Scotland to look for work a few years ago, and they have been attending services in Elgin Church ever since.  Due to a recent surge in mainland-chinese immigrants looking for work in the Moray area, we have had the opportunity to interact with them and preach to them through the help of our two chinese brothers.  A couple of years ago, a pair of sisters also from Mainland China came to believe and be baptised in the Lord.  Even though Elgin is a small place and the younger members are leaving to pursue their education or further their careers, we can see the hand of God working amongst us: members who have been away come back, old members leave new members come.  Elgin Church seems to be a "surviving" church, it adapts through the power of God, even though the numbers may have dwindled, but when we least expect it new opportunities reveal themselves.  The Lord most definitely provides. Amen.



 Directions and Transportation


By car:

  • From Inverness:  Take A96 heading towards Aberdeen via: Nairn and Forres.  Turn left onto Morriston Road.  Continue down Morriston Road then turn left onto Lossiemouth Road (A941), at the service station turn right onto Lesmurdie Road at the roundabout continue straight ahead then take the next left.
  • From Aberdeen:  Take A96 heading towards Inverness via: Huntly and Keith.  Continue down East Road.  At the roundabout go straight ahead. At the next roundabout go straight ahead, at the third roundabout take the third exit onto Pansport Road then continue onto Newmill Road.  Continue onto Lesmurdie Road and turn right before the traffic lights.

By bus:

  • Bus 331 stops nearby.
  • Bus 11 drives from Inverness Airport to Elgin bus station.

Bus times are available here:

By train:

  • Trains come from both Inverness and Aberdeen and are operated by Scotrail. 

Train times are available here:

By plane:

  • Inverness Airport (Highlands & Islands Airports):
  • Aberdeen Airport:


 Schools and Universities


The closest primary school to the church is Seafield Primary School, which is only 5-10mins walk. 

Secondary schools

  • Elgin Academy:
  • Elgin High School
  • Gordonstoun School:

  • Moray College in Elgin:
  • Inverness College:

Nearby universities in Aberdeen: 

  • The University of Aberdeen
King's College
AB24 3FX

Telephone: +44 (0)1224 272000

  • Robert Gordon University
AB10 1FR

Telephone: +44 (0)1224 262000
Website: ​





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Elder Chen Visiting 06-04-2009
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Open day 22-03-2009
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 Timetables and Schedules

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