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Sisters Fellowship - Invite A Friend02/07/201004/07/2010
Brothers Fellowship - Brother, Are you like Solomon?02/07/201004/07/2010
London Fellowship - That we might become the righteousness of God in Him. (2 Cor 5:21)04/07/201011/07/2010
Junior Youth Fellowship - NSSC Preparation:Shining forth His light04/07/201011/07/2010
Song of Songs Choir04/07/201011/07/2010
London Fellowship - Let no one despise your youth (1 Tim 4:12)11/07/201018/07/2010
Evergreen Fellowship (No Fellowships)18/07/201025/07/2010
EPG Activity - Street Preaching & Door-to-Door25/07/201001/08/2010
Junior Youth Fellowship - Join EPG Leafleting25/07/201001/08/2010
Song of Songs Choir25/07/201001/08/2010
Sisters Fellowship - Bible Study01/08/201008/08/2010
Brothers Fellowship - Brother, Want a free check-up?01/08/201008/08/2010
London Fellowship - The importance of prayer08/08/201015/08/2010
Junior Youth Fellowship - NSSC Reflections08/08/201015/08/2010
Song of Songs Choir15/08/201022/08/2010
London Fellowship - Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path (Ps 119:105)15/08/201022/08/2010
Members Q&A Session22/08/201029/08/2010
RE END OF YEAR SERVICE29/08/201005/09/2010
Sisters Fellowship - Legs, Bums & Tums05/09/201012/09/2010
Brothers Fellowship - Brother, Don't be stressed (Learn to manage it).05/09/201012/09/2010
London Fellowship - Make me a channel of blessing12/09/201019/09/2010
Junior Youth Fellowship - Character Study: Consequences of God12/09/201019/09/2010
Song of Songs Choir12/09/201019/09/2010
Autumn General Cleaning12/09/201019/09/2010
Sisters Fellowship - Baking19/09/201003/10/2010
Brothers Fellowship - Brother, Do you know Church Board elections are next month?19/09/201003/10/2010
London Fellowship - Testimony session03/10/201010/10/2010
Junior Youth Fellowship - Activity: Working together Ready Steady Cook!03/10/201010/10/2010
Song of Songs Choir03/10/201010/10/2010
London Fellowship - Reading and understanding the bible10/10/201017/10/2010
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