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11/01/200621/01/20065. OtherB. Answered Prayers
08/02/200618/02/20063. Local/Regional Sacred WorkA. Recent
08/02/200618/02/20062. National Sacred WorkA. Recent
London Church would like to ordain a deacon to pastor the local church here in London. For now, we wish to hand over the matter to God in prayers.
16/03/200631/12/20063. Local/Regional Sacred WorkC. Ongoing
16/03/200630/09/20063. Local/Regional Sacred WorkC. Ongoing
London Church has many lost sheep and weak brethren that require our care and concern and to remember them in our daily prayers.
16/03/200626/03/20063. Local/Regional Sacred WorkC. Ongoing
London Church has a number of truthseeking friends that have been joining us for service for many months now. We hope that God can continue to guide them to the Perfect Gospel and to open their hearts to search for the Truth.
16/03/200626/03/20063. Local/Regional Sacred WorkC. Ongoing
Prayers needed for our newly baptised brothers and sisters to ask God to help them keep their faith and help them to strive to continue to spiritually grow now that they have become part of the fold.
16/03/200626/03/20063. Local/Regional Sacred WorkC. Ongoing
1.  Pray for IA Internet Ministry Program (IMP) because there is much work to do to reach out to many more people over the internet.
2.  Pray that more voluntary workers can help with this important area of evangelism.
3.  Pray that internet co-ordinators of each local church can continue to be empowered by God to continue work on their respective local site. 
26/03/200631/12/20061. Global Sacred WorkC. Ongoing
Pr TK Chin and Deacon Luke Chan will be going to West Africa on 8th May. They will be accompanied by a youth volunteer, Sister Hazel Lim from London Church. Pr FF Chong will be going to East Africa on 25th May. He will be accompanied by two youth volunteers, Brother Daniel Lim from Taiwan and Brother Jason Liu from London Church.
15/04/200608/05/20061. Global Sacred WorkC. Ongoing
29/04/200609/05/20063. Local/Regional Sacred WorkC. Ongoing