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Manchester Place of Worship


  About the Manchester Place of Worship


 Contact Information

    Street Address31 St Andrews Street
    State/ProvinceGreater Manchester
    Postal CodeM1 2AH
    Mailing Address
    Mailing City
    Mailing State/Province
    Mailing Postal Code
    CountryUnited Kingdom
    Main Phone
    2nd Phone
    Fax Number
    Contact Person
    Resident PastorPr Michael Chan
    Pastor's Phone Number
    Year Established2001
    MembershipApprox. 100



Prior to 1999, Pr Joseph Shek was in charge of visiting and finding Manchester and Liverpool brethren (many lost brethren and no regular service)

        1999 - university students from Newcastle (Sylvia Ho & Pat Shek) and working youths (Maria Shek, Lip Bing Yong)
        Started gathering in Sister Sylvia’s halls of residence bedroom and Polex Hotel where Pr Joseph stayed
        1st truth seeker - Sis Hon Lei Yip experienced the love of God, received Holy Spirit and was baptised

         Early 2000 - Pr Joseph led search to find a suitable permanent place of worship

        2000 - UKGA purchased a lower ground floor apartment in a new development on Chevassut Street in Hulme and Manchester House of Prayer established
        2001-2005, many members relocated from other churches to work and study
        Early youths - Katy Shek, Celia Chan, Anita Shek (Elgin), Jennifer Cheung (Belfast)      
        Later youths - Debbie Liu, Wincy Shek, Zico Liu, Julia Ho(Newcastle), Lear Chan (Leicester),
        Dynamics changed a lot in 2006-2007 - a surge of China members, leading to some language barriers
        Listened to recorded sermons for services and Preachers visited every other month
        China brethren needed leading and relied on youths heavily with their personal matters - a testing time
        Late 2009, GA leaders were contacted to ask for guidance and assistance with members coming down to preach - needed a structure and listening to sermon tapes was not enough and members started to complain

         GA made timetable for every quarter and we started to see an improvement and many speakers volunteered to come

Current Status

        A Yahoo group has been set up to monitor Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool members

         Training has started with interpretation, sermonising and teaching R.E. for the long term future of Manchester place of worship

Future Development

        Settled families from China have kids that speak English so require establishment of R.E. system
        Future university youths studying in Manchester/Leeds, opportunities to preach to students

Leeds Fellowship

         July 2011 - during Newcastle Convocation, Pr TK Chin introduced Sis Sylvia to Bro Tariq & Sis Pei-Ju

        14 Oct 2011 - started Bible Study/Fellowship in Leeds Metropolitan Library on Friday Evenings
        Changed to Bro Tariq’s home in Morley about 5miles outside Leeds City Centre
        Truthseekers joining services

         Approx. 20 brothers and sisters gather on Fridays in Leeds



 Schools and Universities


Universities in the surrounding area include: 

The Business school for University of Manchester -

Manchester Metropolitan University -

The Business school for MMU -

The Manchester College - 

Univesrity of Salford -

Nazarene Theological College -



 How to Find Us



Street map of location