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2017 Summer Student Spiritual Convocations (SSC)


Southwest Region
• Dates: July 1 (5:00pm) - July 7 (2:00pm)
• Attendees: Elementary 2 or Junior 1 students
• Venue: Garden Grove Church
• Register by: May 21
• Contact: Linda Suryani  ​

Central Region
• Dates: June 25 (5:30pm) - June 30 (7:30pm)
• Attendees: Students entering Grades 4-12 in Sept 2017
• Venue: Houston Church
• Register by: May 28
• Contact: Lenny Wong

East Region
• Dates: August 12 (6:00pm) - August 17 (2:00pm)
• Attendees: Students entering Grades 4-9 in Sept 2017
• Venue: Hillsborough Church
• Register by: July 3

The theme for SSC in all regions this year is "Be a True Messenger." However, please take note of the different age groups for each region. For more details, please contact your local church RE Coordinator.

As usual, registration will be on paper only, as minors are to return paper copies of the parental consent and emergency contact information form (complete with guardian signature).

Registration forms can be obtained from and returned to the local RE Coordinator. Please honor the deadline as set out by your local church, as sufficient time is needed to finalize planning of each SSC.
Please pray for these important spiritual events.​





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