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Ministry in Thailand


​Thanks to God’s love and mercy, by His guidance and the unfearful effort of the senior preachers, every church work in Thailand has harvested from seeds sown in tears.

The Thailand Coordination Center is located in the Bangkok Church in Thailand. It is the liaison office which executes affairs circulated by the I.A. (International Assembly) and the Taiwan GA (General Assembly). It coordinates and develops the ministry with our local churches in Thailand. The True Light Education Foundation is a gateway to preach the gospel in Thailand; it supports the overseas mission and carries on the great commission of strengthening the ministry.

Thailand is not only a favorite resort for foreigners but also the educational center for overseas technical staff and students’ practical studies. These factors make the Bangkok Church an important location for the spiritual gatherings of our overseas brethren.

Since 2013, under the grace of God, more than 10 people received baptism and became our members in the central region. This year, we held special events such as senior appreciation service, parenting activity, social youth & truthseekers fellowship, social youth football fellowship, E2 summer camp in Phrankratai, and orphanage caring trip. In line with these activities, we hope to cultivate the foundation of the next generation’s faith, establish the spirit of one family in the Lord, share God’s love, and build up the bridge of brotherly love.

Phrankratai Church and Khao Khiao Prayer House place a lot of emphasis on religious education and the instilling of God’s word in the believers’ heart so they can walk on the path of the Lord. This is the mission and goal of our faith. Because of the remote environment and work factors, not every family has the ability to provide children with the opportunity to learn foreign languages. But through religious education, children in the church are taught Chinese and therefore their language and communications skills are also strengthened. By practicing simple words in hymns through listening, speaking, reading, and writing, they receive courage to interact with overseas brethren face-to-face and be closer to them. While we are faced with challenges such as the children’s learning attitude and time coordination, the works are being completed under God’s guidance.

Activities were coordinated with our churches in northern Thailand. A joint E2 and senior appreciation service was held in Maemor Church in March. The National J2 Student Spiritual Convocation was held in April. In May, our Korean youth helped out in RE classes and networking activities. Through these training activities, the youth are inspired to promote God’s ministry to the world.

In order to promote Chinese studying in the Maesai Student Center in northern Thailand, the GA held a Chinese Language Teacher Training Seminar on April 10 at Zheng Bin Church. The materials are compiled based on the existing E1 three-year courses, containing the introduction of beginner Chinese words and the essentials of teaching religious education. With the Chinese teacher’s fellowship and spiritual cultivation once a year and the rotation of the Chinese volunteer teachers, the teaching can be consequently connected. May is the beginning of the new school year. With the existing teaching and learning methods, we try to enhance the quality of our students’ Chinese in northern Thailand. May the Lord guide and grant us wisdom, power, faith, and love, and remember our hard works.

In addition, the Evangelical Service and Spiritual Convocation are held by local churches and prayer houses every year in May and October in Thailand. Besides various evangelical events listed in the annual plan of the holy work, truth-seeker classes are also held to accommodate the needs of our churches and social youth.

Thailand has a population of more than 68.4 million people, but only a little more than three hundred believers of True Jesus Church, which are very few. Surrounded by Buddhist sites and secular metropolis, receiving the truth becomes a difficult task, which is a great concern among our churches in Thailand. It is also a great challenge to pass on the faith and the gospel. May the Lord lead the holy work of every local church. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will strive to promote the word of God, pastor more sheep of the Lord, and preserve them in God’s love so that the truth may be spread to the world.

We hope that the elders, deacons, preachers, church board members, and brothers and sisters can instill the members in Thailand spiritual food and encourage them with love and faith on Sabbath days during their visitations so that our members would be motivated to promote the gospel work. In order to facilitate the gospel ministry, all the members are expected to work together, raising hands in prayer to save more souls and glorify the Lord. Amen!

Maemor Church group photo

Phrankratai Church and Khao Khiao Prayer House​ group photo





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