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San JoseUnited States
Sister Susan Lane was born with a rare eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Simply put, her retina degenerates much faster than a normal person's would.

This is a degenerative disease. Presently, there is no cure or treatment for this eye disease. As a result, with this poor eyesight, she is unable to drive or move around independently. Also, she is constantly struggling with the inconveniences of her daily life routines. God has blessed her with 2 children and she is trying her best to take care of them personally.

Due to the prayers of love of many ministers and brothers and sisters, her eyesight for some time had shown some improvement! This is quite a miracle because medically, with this eye condition, her eyesight should only deteriorate and not improve. Therefore, we know that God has listened to our prayers and hence had given a miracle! However, with the passage of time, her eyesight has recently deteriorated some more. Therefore, we once again implore you to pray for Susan's eyesight. We believe that God values our prayers and every one of your prayers counts!

11/27/2012Irene Lane, sister of Baldwin Park Church
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United States
If you have any prayer requests to be placed on the National Prayer Network, please refer to your local church/house of prayer national prayer network coordinator or region coordinator. In case of urgency or the local/region coordinator cannot be reached, you may contact me via e-mail:

In regards of prayer request for illness, please contact your local/region coordinator for status on weekly basis. For long term prayer request, please provide status on monthly basis. A request may be removed from the list if without update for more than a month.

We welcome suggestions to the national prayer network.

May God bless you!

Yours in Christ,
John Yeh