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Support the Ministry: Fund Raising for IA’s World Evangelism Fund and the USA Evangelism/Internet Ministry Fund


Fund Raising for IA’s World Evangelism Fund and the USA Evangelism/Internet Ministry Fund


Join "A Dollar Per Day" Offering


During the recent World Delegates Conference (8-2 WDC) held in Taichung, Taiwan a new campaign for world evangelism fund was inaugurated.   The essence of this program is that we encourage each earning member to contribute two dollars daily ($60 monthly), $1.00 toward IA’s World Evangelism Fund and $1.00 specifically toward the USA Evangelism/Internet Ministry Fund. 
In order to implement this resolution effectively and immediately, the USGA has developed the attached guidelines in the form of questions and answers and a sign up form for authorizing the USGA to withdraw your contributions from your checking account automatically (Automated Clearing House Debits Program).  Besides the ACH Debits Program, the USGA also accept members’ donations through any other methods (cash, checks and/or one-time contribution) to suit the donators’ convenience. 
Please take some time to announce and clearly explain to your congregation this new and convenient way of making contributions toward World Evangelism Fund and the USA Evangelism/Internet Ministry Fund via the ACH Debits Program.  More importantly, please duplicate sufficient number of copies of the attached and personally distribute them to each and every adult member of your church or house of prayer.  The ACH Debits program sign up form can also be downloaded (please click on the attached file below).
To ensure the success of this important and meaningful divine work, we request that you carefully track all the forms distributed by numbering them and by following up closely.  It is our hope that we are able to receive an overwhelmingly positive response in this endeavor.   
Each of us can perhaps only do so little, but our joint effort will produce significant results and bring much glory to the Lord.  Please do not hesitate to address any questions you may have to Dn. Naihsin Chen, Executive Secretary and  Director of the Administrative Department and Financial Affairs at
May the Lord remember your love and your diligent labor for Him.  Please continue to pray for the success of our mission.

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