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History & Testimonies

Testimonies, articles, and reflections written by Elizabeth church members
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E-PrefaceIntroduction - Elizabeth Church 20th Anniversary December 1998Church Council
E-AKuoIn Memory of Elder John WuAnna Hsu Kuo
E-CHsiehThoughts on the Beloved Elizabeth ChurchElder C.K. Hsieh
E-DKauThe Beginning of the Church ... but God Gave the GrowthDeacon Daniel Kau
E-EChuA Prayer for Our ChurchEdward Chu
E-HHsiehWords or ThoughtsHorn Hsieh
E-JChouA Commemoration for the Anniversary of the Elizabeth Church DedicationPastor Jonathan Chou
E-JLinIn Retrospect – the 20th Anniversary of Elizabeth ChurchDeacon John Lin
E-LohThe Elizabeth Church and ILuke Loh
E-MHuangLiving in the House of the LordDeacon Moses Huang
E-MTsaiLord, Let Us Praise Thee for Thy Wonderful DeedsDeacon Meishi Tsai
E-SLiuGod Watches Over His ChurchSamuel Liu
E-HistoryA Brief History of the Elizabeth ChurchAnonymous
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E-BTamTurning Point of My LifeBasil Tam
E-GLowThe Way to Eternal LifeGrace Low
E-KYangThe Transformation of My LifeKan-di Yang
E-OliviaIt is So Wonderful to Believe in JesusOlivia (Lei-Chen) Ong
E-PGauLord, You are the Greatest DoctorPaul Gau
E-RLiThe Lord's Love is in My HouseRowena Li
E-KChangThe Growth of the House of GodKuei-Chan Chang