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Posting of prayer requests from around the country
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Please remember the following requests in your daily 9:30PM prayersUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Hillsborough Church 12/22/13 prayer requests

So what shall I do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my understanding; I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my understanding. (1 Corinthians 14:15 NIV)

A) Special prayer 

    1).  Please pray for Sis Elina Chou, she is hospitalized due to digestion system inflammation.

    2).  Please pray for Sis Rosa , she  was just released from hospital in Taiwan due to pneumonia, she is still very weak physically.

     3).  Please continue pray for Elizabeth church Sis. Margaret Liu. May God’s mercy shower upon her and bring back her physical strength sooner.

.   4) Please pray for the youth SSC,  which is currently taking place from Dec 23 1to 27 in Hillsborough church,and upcoming college SSC in Elizabeth church. May God guide the events and edify every participant spiritually.

 B) Evangelism

    1).  Please pray for our long term truth seekers, may God open their spiritual eyes and receive God’s salvation soon.

    2). Please pray for God’s guidance to open new evangelical doors.

C) Physical weakness.

   1) Ted Lin’s son Christopher, cannot hear certain high frequency sound.

   2)  Richard’s little daughter Hannah Chang, she tends to have febrile seizure when she gets fever,

   3) Michael Liu, Joseph Lin and Ark Ouyang all suffer from skin allergies.

   4). Pray for Sis. Liu and family in Princeton, she  suffers from occasional dementia, may God keep her well and give her family love and patience.

 D)  Other

       1) Pray for whomever suffers from spiritual and/ or  physical weakness, may God comfort and keep them well.

       2) May God keep everyone safe and warm in this winter.


12/22/13 喜樂坡教會代禱事項

 這卻怎樣呢?我要用靈禱告,也要用悟性禱告;我要用靈歌唱,也要用悟性歌唱。 (哥林多前書 14:15 )


 A) 特別代禱事項

        1)  請為周怡潔禱告,她因腸炎入院,願神早日恢復i她健康。

        2)Rosa 姊妹在台灣因肺炎住院,現已出院,但身體仍十分脆弱,願神安慰保存她。使她早日恢復健康,。

        3 ).  請繼續為伊麗莎白姊妹劉家秀代禱, 願神憐憫 ,早日恢復她健康的身體.

        4 ) 請為十二月二十三日至二十七日,在喜樂坡舉開的少年靈修會,以及將在伊利莎白教會舉辦的大學生靈修會禱告, 願神帶領,平安順利,使參加的人得到靈性的造就。 

 B). 宣道

          1)  請為我們的長期慕道友們代禱, 願神帶領, 能開他們的心門, 早日接受主恩.

       2)  請求神帶領能打開更多的宣道大門
  C). 身體欠安
        1)   一德兒子圓圓 耳朵聽不見某些高頻聲音,
        2) 張理則小女兒Hannah在發燒時, 會有癲癇現象,
        3) 劉徫恩,Joseph Lin, 歐陽先恩 的皮膚過敏。
        1)   請為所有肉體及靈性軟弱的同靈代禱,願神保守安慰。
         2) 願神保護大家有一個平安溫暖的冬天。