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United States (General Assembly)


  About the United States (General Assembly) General Assembly


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    Street Address21217 Bloomfield Ave
    Postal Code90715
    Mailing Address21217 Bloomfield Ave
    Mailing CityLakewood
    Mailing State/ProvinceCA
    Mailing Postal Code90715
    CountryUnited States
    Main Phone1-562-402-4100
    2nd Phone1-562-402-3182
    Fax Number1-562-402-3190
    Contact PersonBetsie Liu
    Resident Pastor
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    Year Established




In the Beginning

The True Jesus Church in the United States was established in 1930 in Honolulu, Hawaii. However, it wasn’t until about 1967 that the ministry in the States became more active. During that year, Deacon John Wu from the east coast and Deaconess Anna Goo Kim Yue from the west attended the first World Delegates Conference (WDC). Greatly inspired, they returned and began to gather members for family services and introduced the truth to friends and relatives. They became the harbinger of future sacred work in the States.


Some members lived in areas without church and were far away from their homeland. They sorely missed spiritual events. So whenever they received invitations, they responded with overwhelming joy and enthusiasm. Oblivious of the long, arduous journey, they flew and some even drove more than ten hours. The thirst for the truth, the enthusiasm to worship and serve God, and the desire to have fellowship with members molded them into a formidable work force for Christ. Among them were many university students who were trained in the Bible before they moved here.


In the west coast, early workers like John Lin, Meishi Tsai, Paul Wong, Margaret Kini, James Wu and others took active roles in the ministry. In the east, workers like John Wu, Daniel Kau, Luke Loh, Grace Yao, Wen-Kuang Lo, Kang-Min Huang and others served the Lord with much sacrifice.

The 1970’s

Starting in the mid 1970’s, there was an influx of immigrants from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Many members, especially those from Taiwan, moved to Southern California and New York, resulting in a sudden boost in membership. Over time, the members realized that to further the ministry, they needed to consolidate and utilize human and financial resources systematically. Consequently, on July 24-26, 1976, the first National Conference of the True Jesus Church (NCC) was held at 11070 Oak Street, El Monte, California. The NCC consisted of delegates from the west (Hoon Tom from Hawaii, John Lin, Margaret Kini, Paul Wong, Meishi Tsai and James Wu) and from the east (John Wu, Daniel Kau, and Wen-Kuang Lo). Deacon Tsung-Tao Lin of the International Assembly, Taiwan, who was visiting the States, acted as advisor. With John Lin elected as Chairman and Meishi Tsai the Vice Chairman, the NCC established the Evangelical Coordination Council (ECC) to be its executive body.


With the formation of the ECC, members here and abroad were enthusiastic and offerings poured in. Funds were raised to recruit full-time ministers. The churches shouldered up the annual budget of the ECC. Many members made significant private contributions.


Still, with few members and workers in this vast land, the ministry needed much help. It was time to muster forces from all quarters. Full-time ministers were recruited. Elders, deacons, and members led services and administered to local needs. Ministers from the Taiwan General Assembly (TGA) came to train workers. Young preachers were encouraged to study in the States and immigrants to move to places with churches.


In 1978, brother Wen-Kuang Lo (John Lo) dedicated himself to the Lord as the first young full-time minister recruited in the USA. In November the following year at the 4th NCC, brother Shyh-Kuang Yang was also accepted by the NCC as a full-time minister.


At the request of the ECC, the International Assembly (IA) was able to make arrangement with the TGA to release Derren Liang to study in the US to assist the ministry. At the 9th NCC, a special motion was initiated to officially invite Derren Liang to be a full-time minister of the ECC. The TGA and IA graciously granted the ECC's request. One more full-time minister joined the ministry.


Meanwhile the 9th NCC considered recruiting a full-time minister for the Korean-speaking community. The following year, Elder Eun Jin Jung arrived from Korea to become a full-time minister for the Korean members in the States.


On August 15, 1978, I.J. Akpan of the Church of Jesus Christ in Nigeria was baptized in Kern River at Bakersfield, California. Per his invitation to preach the truth to Nigeria, U.S. ministers went there the following year and established many churches. Later, as the gospel reached Ghana and Liberia, the foundation of the African ministry was laid.


The 1980’s

Because of the rapidly expanding ministry in Africa, the Western Hemisphere Evangelical Center (WHEC) was established in 1981 during the 6th NCC. The WHEC was responsible for the African ministry and countries in the Western Hemisphere, such as UK, Canada, Europe and South America.


According to the IA Bylaws, a country with five or more churches should form a General Assembly. The ECC started with four churches with about 200 members. By 1981, two more churches were added. A proposal was initiated at the 9th NCC to form the General Assembly of the United States of America (GA). It was not approved. However, this proposal was revived and unanimously approved at the 10th NCC and made effective January 1, 1986. By 1993, there were 11 churches and four houses of prayer with about 1,700 members.


In the beginning, much time was spent on improving its organizational structure and efficiency. The resulting structure was complex but nevertheless, members worked with one faith, mind, heart and love for Christ. ECC committee members often worked through the night and the delegates stayed till 1-2 am to finish business. Everyone was exhausted but none complained. Thank God that in all these years during the NCC, the working atmosphere had been pleasant and harmonious.


Over time, the GA’s focus turned from organizational structure to training and evangelism. Seminars were held on a regular basis for ministers and workers both locally and nationally. In addition, the GA conducted convocations and evangelical services and ministered to remote areas.


Church Year Established
Honolulu 1930
Pacifica 1969
Elizabeth 1978
Baldwin Park (Former El Monte) 1976
Garden Grove 1981
Houston 1981
Queens 1986
San Jose 1988
Phoenix 1991
Dallas 1992
Irvine 1992
Philadelphia 1993
Chicago 1994
El Monte (Former Los Angeles) 1994
Tampa 1998
Canoga Park 2000
Cerritos 2001
Hillsborough 2003
House of Prayer
Maui 1978
Boston 1999
Sacramento 2002
East Bay 2003