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Sacramento Church

Sacramento Church

Sacramento Church
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  About the Sacramento Church

 Contact Information

    Street Address
    Postal Code
    Mailing Address2416 Sloat Way
    Mailing CitySacramento
    Mailing State/ProvinceCA
    Mailing Postal Code95818
    CountryUnited States
    Main Phone(916) 997-5497
    2nd Phone
    Fax Number
    Contact PersonBro. Roger Cheng
    Resident Pastor
    Pastor's Phone Number
    Year Established

 Services and Activities

Day Time Activity
Saturdays 10:30 am Sabbath Worship Service
  1:30 pm Sabbath Worship Service
Tuesday 8:00 pm Family Service
Fridays 8:00 pm Worship Service



In the name of Jesus, we praise God for his guidance to recount his blessing in Sacramento area.

In the mid 1990’s, it started with member came to Sacramento area for work. Gradually, there are students at University of California Davis and American River College.  Service started with two members got together for Wednesday Bible study and drive down to attend Sabbath service at Pacifica church about 100 miles away.   As more members relocated to Sacramento area grow, we decided to have Sabbath locally once a month, added twice/month, three times/month then all Sabbath, then all Sabbath service were held locally.

Chronological recount:

2000: Start Sabbath service locally at Sacramento once a month. 

-September: change to Sabbath twice a month.

-May: Members’ meeting voted to establish Sacramento True Jesus Church House of Prayer.
-October: first Spiritual Convocation at member Roger and Shirley’s house.
-Start council meeting once a month

-March: Bowling activity
-April: Spring Evangelical and Spiritual Convocation.
First baptism:  Kenneth W. Widjaja at flowing rivers where two big rivers (American river and Sacramento River) converge.
-October: Evangelical and Spiritual Convocation

Open House evangelical service at a rental Church site
Spring Evangelical and Spiritual Convocation

-Family alter
-Special members’ activities (Mother’s day, Religious Education commencement ceremony, Elderly celebration, Annual Congregational meeting)
- Training (religious education and service training including hymn conducting class, interpreter class, sermon speaking class, personal evangelical class, Religious Education Teacher’s training) 

-Truth Seeker Class
-Youth Fellowship
-Gospel Night twice a year
-Evangelical service twice a year
-Advertise on newspaper
-Distribute flyers
-Homeless ministry 

Council’s Focus:
1. Look for church purchase and rental (Mass mailing, mass telephone, several realtor agencies)
2. Set up church working organization
3. Promote service training
4. Improve worship service: ½ hr early start before Sabbath sermon service (prayer and hymn singing)
5. Improve Prayer: Sunday night council member’s contact and prayer requests


 Schools and Universities

1.  California State University in Sacramento
2.  University of California in Davis
3.  Sacramento City College
4.  American River College
5.  University of California in Merced

 Directions and Transportation

Please contact Bro. Roger Cheng for direction as service location varies weekly.