2013 Sacred Work Schedule

2013 Sacred Work Schedule
of the True Jesus Church in the United States
Highlighted items are events that have been modified since June 12, 2013  

Region: 1. SouthWest Region
Baldwin Park
2/16/20132/17/2013National Evangelical Personnel SeminarG. Chen, H. Hsieh, D. Liang
3/9/20133/9/2013English/Spanish Hosanna OutreachS. Li
3/27/20133/31/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)G. Chen, C. Chou
4/6/20134/7/2013USGA Council & Standing Committee MeetingG. Chen, N. Chen, S. Chou, P. Ho, H. Hsieh, S. Ku, C. Kuo, D. Liang, R. Pang, R. Solgot, W. Yeh
7/22/20138/4/2013National Youth Theological Seminar (NYTS)C. L. Chou, R. Chou, E. Hou, S. Hwang (7/22-8/1), J. Jung (7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/2), Joyce Kuo, S. Kuo, D. Liang (7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/4), V. Nol-Mantia (7/22-8/1)
7/22/20138/4/2013Pioneer Missionary Volunteer Program (PMVP)C.L. Chou, R. Chou, E. Hou, S. Hwang (7/22-8/1), J. Jung (7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/2), Joyce Kuo, S. Kuo, D. Liang (7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/4), V. Nol-Mantia (7/22-8/1)
8/21/20138/25/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)G. Chen, E. Hou
12/21/201312/27/2013Student Spiritual Convocation (SSC), J1 & J2G. Chen, P. Chen, C. Chou, E. Hou, W. Yeh
Canoga Park
4/17/20134/17/2013Evangelical Service in UCLA CampusG. Chen, J. Hu
4/18/20134/21/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)G. Chen, J. Hu
7/13/20137/13/2013Bible SeminarD. Liang
10/5/201310/5/2013English/Spanish Hosanna OutreachR. Solgot
10/16/201310/16/2013Evangelical Service in UCLA CampusG. Chen, J. Jung
10/17/201310/20/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)G. Chen, J. Jung
3/13/20133/17/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)G. Chen, E. Hou
3/26/20133/27/2013IA Standing & Executive Committees MeetingsIA Standing Committee, Executive Committee
4/5/20134/7/2013IA IMP Advisory Committee (IMPAC) Meeting IMPAC members
4/5/20134/7/2013IA DLM Division of English Literary Ministry (DELM) Meeting DELM Directors; Coordinators
5/25/20135/27/2013SWR Young Adult Spiritual Convocation (YASC)G. Chen, H. Hsieh, W. Yeh
6/1/20136/2/2013Regional Religious Education Teacher Workshop (RETW)P. Chen, G. Chen
8/30/20139/2/2013National Youth Servitude Training (NYST)E. Hou, V. Nol-Mantia, NYM
9/11/20139/15/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)E. Hou, D. Liang
11/4/201311/8/2013USGA Minister Workshop (MW)H.H. Ko (11/4-11/7), All Ministers
12/28/20131/3/2014College Youth Spiritual Convocation (CYSC)P. Chen, E. Hou, M. Hsu, J. Jung, D. Liang
1/12/20131/12/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
2/23/20132/23/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
3/9/20133/9/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
3/22/20133/24/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationP. Ho, J. Hu
4/8/20134/14/2013Pastoral VisitationE. Hou
5/18/20135/18/2013Pastoral VisitationH. Hsieh
6/15/20136/15/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
8/12/20138/18/2013Pastoral VisitationE. Hou
8/16/20138/18/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationE. Hou, J. Hu
9/20/20139/21/2013Pastoral VisitationD. Liang
10/5/201310/5/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
11/2/201311/2/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
12/14/201312/14/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
1/15/20141/19/2014Pastoral VisitationE. Hou
Garden Grove
2/3/20132/3/2013RE Teacher's Counseling WorkshopP. Chen, E. Hou
5/1/20135/5/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationE. Hou, E.Y. Ho
5/31/20136/30/2013USGA TS Practical Training in SW RegionS. Kuo
6/17/20136/28/2013Regional High School Student Theological Seminar (RHTS)E. Hou (6/24-6/28), S. Kuo, D. Liang (6/17-6/21), V. Nol-Mantia, W. Yeh (6/17-6/23)
7/13/20137/19/2013Student Spiritual Convocation (SSC), E2 & J1P. Chen, C. Chou, E. Hou, S. Kuo
10/16/201310/20/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationC. Chou, E. Hou
10/27/201310/27/2013RE Teacher's Counseling WorkshopP. Chen, E. Hou
11/8/201311/8/2013USGA Council & FT Minister Joint MeetingUSGA Council Members, FT Ministers
11/8/201311/8/2013Truth Research Committee Meeting (TRC)G. Chen, C. Chou, J, Chou, S. Hwang, C. Kuo, D. Liang, J. Lin, V. Nol-Mantia, W. Yeh
11/9/201311/10/2013National Church Conference (NCC)All NCC Delegates
11/10/201311/10/2013USGA Council & FT Minister Joint MeetingUSGA Council Members
1/20/20131/20/2013South West Region FairSWR
3/28/20133/29/2013IA Truth Research Committee MeetingIA TRC Members
3/30/20133/31/2013IA Symposium
4/1/20134/2/201311th World Delegates Conference (11-1 WDC)All WDC Delegates
4/1/20134/2/2013International Youth Ministry Committee MeetingE. Hou, IYMC Members
4/3/20134/4/2013IA Executive & Standing Committees MeetingsIA Executive Committee, Standing Committee Members
4/5/20135/5/2013Pastoral VisitationYohan
4/24/20134/28/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationG. Chen, D. Liang
6/13/20136/16/2013Marriage Coordinator SeminarG. Chen, M. Du, P. Ho, B. Kuo, T. H. Lin, L. Loh, S. Yeh
6/30/20137/5/2013SWR Music CampP.H. Liu
7/8/20137/18/2013USGA Ministry Volunteer Program  (MVP)S. Kuo, D. Liang, NYM
9/21/20139/22/2013National RE Coordinator’s Workshop (RECW) P. Chen, Yvonne Chan, C. Kuo
10/5/201310/6/2013USGA Council & Standing Committee MeetingsG. Chen, N. Chen, S. Chou, P. Ho, H. Hsieh, S. Ku, C. Kuo, D. Liang, R. Pang, R. Solgot, W. Yeh
10/9/201310/13/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationE. Hou, D. Liang
12/1/201312/1/2013Regional New Church Council Members Workshop G. Chen, D. Liang
1/5/20131/6/2013Sermon Speaker TrainingC. Chou, J. Hu
3/14/20133/17/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Hu, D. Liang
4/20/20134/20/2013Knowing Other Religions WorkshopJ. Hu
7/25/20138/5/2013Pastoral VisitationK.M. Huang
10/10/201310/13/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Hu, J. Jung
10/23/201311/3/2013Pastoral VisitationK. Huang
12/20/201312/29/2013Pastoral VisitationW. Yeh
1/17/20141/26/2014Pastoral VisitationW. Yeh
Region: 2. NorthWest Region
East Bay
4/12/20134/14/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationN. Chen, C. Chou
9/27/20139/29/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationG. Chen, C. Chou
1/13/20132/8/2013e-Learning Project  網路教學計畫H.H. Ko
5/2/20135/5/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationD. Liang, W. Yeh
7/1/20137/26/2013e-Learning Project  網路教學計畫H.H. Ko
10/17/201310/20/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationR. Chou, W. Yeh
1/14/20142/5/2014e-Learning ProjectH. Ko
4/12/20134/14/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationYohan, W. Yeh
9/20/20139/22/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationPatrick Wong, W. Yeh
San Jose
1/12/20131/13/2013Church Council Members’ Workshop (CCMW)C. Chou, W. Yeh
2/16/20132/17/2013Young Adult Spiritual Convocation (YASC)C. Chou, E. Hou
3/9/20133/10/2013Evangelical Personnel WorkshopC. Chou, H. Hsieh
4/25/20134/28/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationC. Chou, W. Yeh
6/1/20136/1/2013Hosanna English Evangelical ServiceC. Chou, S. Kuo
6/8/20136/9/2013Regional Religious Education Teacher Workshop (RETW)Yvonne Chan, P. Chen, C. Chou, J. Lu
10/7/201310/9/2013Bible SeminarC. Chou, R. Chou
10/10/201310/13/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationC. Chou, R. Chou
11/12/201312/15/2013USGA TS Practical Training in NW RegionS. Kuo
12/7/201312/7/2013Hosanna Chinese Evangelical ServiceC. Chou
1/11/20141/12/2014Church Council Members’ Workshop (CCMW)C. Chou, W. Yeh
1/18/20141/19/2014Special Religious Education Teacher SeminarM. Hu, J. Lu
1/25/20141/26/2014Special Religious Education Teacher SeminarP. Chen, J. Lu
5/17/20135/19/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationC. Chou, S. Chou
10/4/201310/6/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationC. Chou, P.H. Liu
Region: 3. Hawaii District
1/21/20132/17/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingV. Nol-Mantia
3/7/20133/24/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingC. Kuo
5/20/20136/17/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingV. Nol-Mantia
5/26/20136/2/2013Retreat & Spiritual ConvocationD. Liang, V. Nol-Mantia
7/8/20138/4/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingJ. Hu
8/26/20139/15/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingJ. Lin
10/7/201311/4/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingV. Nol-Mantia
12/3/201312/9/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationG. Chen, V. Nol-Mantia
1/12/20142/9/2014Pastoral VisitationV. Nol-Mantia
Region: 4. Central Region
4/12/20134/14/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationV. Nol-Mantia, Patrick Wong
9/27/20139/29/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationP. Ho, V. Nol-Mantia
1/9/20131/24/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
1/19/20131/19/2013Parenting WorkshopJ. Jung
1/31/20132/11/2013Pastoral Visitation J. Hu
2/25/20133/18/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
3/2/20133/2/2013Personal Evangelism WorkshopJ. Jung
3/9/20133/9/2013Evangelical Service J. Jung
4/23/20135/13/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
4/27/20134/27/2013Marriage WorkshopJ. Jung
5/4/20135/4/2013Interpretation Training
5/9/20135/12/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Jung, D. Liang
6/11/20137/1/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
6/22/20136/22/2013Sermon Speaker TrainingJ. Jung
7/12/20137/21/2013Pastoral Visitation in Mid Western StatesPatrick Wong
8/18/20138/18/2013Bible Study Leader TrainingJ. Jung
8/20/20138/27/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
9/4/20139/22/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
9/9/20139/15/2013Pastoral VisitationP.H. Liu
9/12/20139/15/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)J. Jung, P.H. Liu
10/7/201310/20/2013Pastoral Visitation in Mid Western StatesP. Ho
10/22/201311/3/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
11/19/201312/9/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
12/7/201312/7/2013Evangelical Service J. Jung
12/8/201312/8/2013Sermon Speaker TrainingJ. Jung
1/9/20141/27/2014Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
1/11/20141/11/2014Basic Beliefs WorkshopJ. Jung
1/12/20131/12/2013Parenting WorkshopV. Nol-Mantia
2/1/20132/3/2013USGA Standing Committee MeetingG. Chen, N. Chen, S. Chou, D. Liang, W. Yeh
2/1/20132/11/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
3/21/20133/24/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationS. Hwang, V. Nol-Manita
4/20/20134/21/2013Bible SeminarV. Nol-Mantia
5/23/20136/3/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
6/7/20136/16/2013Pastoral VisitationK.M. Huang
9/11/20139/15/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationC. Chou, V. Nol-Mantia
9/29/20139/29/2013Church Council Members’ Workshop (CCMW)V. Nol-Mantia
10/18/201311/2/2013USGA TS Practical Training in Central RegionS. Kuo
1/31/20142/9/2014Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
1/19/20131/20/2013Marriage WorkshopV. Nol-Mantia
2/23/20132/24/2013Parenting WorkshopV. Nol-Mantia
4/5/20134/7/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)V. Nol-Mantia, E.Y. Ho
5/17/20135/26/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
6/30/20137/5/2013Student Spiritual Convocation (SSC), E2 & J1J. Hu, V. Nol-Mantia
10/4/201310/6/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)J. Chou, V. Nol-Mantia
10/18/201310/27/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
12/7/201312/8/2013Regional Religious Education Teacher Workshop (RETW)P. Chen
12/22/201312/27/2013Student Spiritual Convocation (SSC), E2, J1 & J2A. Jung, J. Jung, V. Nol-Mantia
1/11/20141/12/2014RE Counseling SeminarV. Nol-Mantia
1/17/20141/26/2014Pastoral VisitationC. Kuo
St. Louis
1/25/20131/27/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
4/19/20134/21/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
6/14/20136/16/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Chou
8/28/20139/3/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Jung
8/30/20139/1/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Hu, J. Jung
10/18/201310/20/2013Pastoral VisitationP. Ho
12/6/201312/8/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
Region: 5. East Region
4/18/20134/21/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)R. Chou, R. Solgot
9/19/20139/22/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation (ESSC)R. Chou, V. Nol-Mantia
12/30/20121/4/2013College Youth Spiritual Convocation (CYSC)R. Chou, Samuel Kuo, J. Hu
1/1/20131/31/2013USGA TS Practical Training in East RegionS. Kuo
1/26/20131/27/2013Spiritual CultivationR. Chou, S. Hwang
2/17/20132/18/2013Church Council Members’ Workshop (CCMW)J. Chou, S. Hwang
3/9/20133/10/2013East Region RE Teacher’s Workshop (RETW) P. Chen, Yvonne Chan, R. Chou
4/24/20134/28/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationS. Hwang, E.Y. Ho
5/6/20135/19/2013Pastoral VisitationG. Chen
5/25/20135/27/2013Young Adult Spiritual Convocation (YASC)J. Chou, S. Hwang
6/28/20136/30/2013USGA Standing Committee MeetingG. Chen, N. Chen, S. Chou, D. Liang, W. Yeh
8/6/20139/8/2013USGA TS Practical Training in East RegionS. Kuo
8/21/20138/25/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Chou, D. Liang
11/8/201311/10/2013Bible SeminarH.H. Ko
12/29/20131/3/2014College Youth Spiritual Convocation (CYSC)J. Chou, R. Chou, T. Yeung
2/16/20132/16/2013Personal Evangelism WorkshopJ. Chou
2/17/20132/17/2013Campus Truth Seeker Follow-up Training
4/17/20134/21/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Chou, E.Y. Ho
8/12/20138/23/2013Regional High School Student Theological Seminar (RHTS)J. Chou, R. Chou, S. Kuo, S. Hwang
8/14/20138/18/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Chou, S. Hwang
8/19/20138/23/2013Student Spiritual Convocation (SSC), E2 & J1R. Chou, S. Kuo, S. Hwang
11/11/201311/17/2013National Adult Theological Seminar (NATS)C.L. Chou, J. Chou, R. Chou, H.H. Ko (11/11-11/14), S. Hwang (11/11-11/14)
12/18/201312/28/2013USGA TS Practical Training in East Region Samuel Kuo
12/22/201312/26/2013Student Spiritual Convocation (SSC), J1 & J2J. Chou, R. Chou, S. Kuo
8/24/20138/25/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationR. Chou, S. Hwang
5/1/20135/5/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationG. Chen, J. Chou
9/4/20139/8/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationR. Chou, S. Hwang
4/10/20134/14/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationR. Chou, E.Y. Ho
6/28/20136/29/2013Pastoral VisitationN. Chen, D. Liang
7/11/20138/4/2013Pastoral VisitationP.H. Liu
8/7/20138/11/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationR. Chou, S. Hwang
10/16/201310/28/2013Pastoral VisitationPH. Liu
1/17/20141/27/2014Pastoral VisitationG. Chen
3/29/20134/7/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Lin
5/10/20135/19/2013Pastoral VisitationK,M, Huang
6/7/20136/9/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Chou, S. Hwang
7/5/20137/15/2013Pastoral VisitationK.M. Huang
8/6/20138/18/2013Pastoral VisitationP.H. Liu
Washington DC
10/17/201310/20/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationK. Huang, S. Hwang
Region: 6. Canada
3/4/20133/4/2013Sacred Music SeminarTina Yang
5/3/20135/5/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationC. Chou
9/14/20139/16/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationK. Huang
5/10/20135/12/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationC. Chou
9/20/20139/22/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationK. Huang
5/10/20135/12/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationR. Chou
9/5/20139/7/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Chou
3/1/20133/3/2013Sacred Music SeminarTina Yang
5/1/20135/5/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationR. Chou
7/14/20137/19/2013National Religious Education Teacher Seminar (RETS)P. Chen
9/11/20139/15/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationJ. Chou
10/19/201310/20/2013Religious Education Teacher Workshop P. Chen
12/21/201312/26/2013Student Spiritual Convocation (SSC)S. Hwang
4/17/20134/21/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationW. Yeh
6/30/20137/14/2013Canada National Youth Theological Seminar (CNYTS)E. Hou (6/30-7/11); J. Jung (7/8-7/14)
9/11/20139/15/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationR. Chou
12/21/201312/28/2013Student Spiritual Convocation (SSC), E2, J1 & J1J. Hu
Region: 7. Other
1/14/20131/27/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingD. Liang (S. Africa)
6/27/20137/15/2013Pastoral Visitation, Training & ESSCS. Hwang
9/12/201310/13/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingS. Hwang (E. Africa)
9/12/201310/13/2013Pastoral Visitation in E. AfricaS. Kuo
1/13/20141/26/2014Pastoral ministry,Training & SCD. Liang (S. Africa)
2/18/20135/15/2013USGA Full-time Minister Theological Training Program (TTP) in TaiwanSamuel Kuo, Tony Kuo, R. Leacock
6/19/20137/1/2013RE Coordinators & TIC Training in SingaporeP. Chen
6/19/20137/1/2013RE Training in MalaysiaP. Chen
10/24/201310/28/2013IA Standing Committee Meeting in JapanN. Chen, S. Chou, D. Liang
1/18/20131/28/2013Pastoral VisitationDaniel Chu
3/15/20133/25/2013Pastoral VisitationSteven Lin
5/17/20135/26/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationR. Chou
7/5/20137/15/2013Pastoral Visitation & Evangelical ServiceR. Solgot, Street Fair Evangelical Team
9/13/20139/23/2013Pastoral VisitationJ. Hu
11/15/201311/25/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationS. Hwang
1/10/20141/20/2014Pastoral VisitationJ. Hsu
12/21/20121/14/2013Pastoral VisitationS. Hwang (12/22-26 Italy, 12/27-30 Heidelberg, 1/1-1/3/2013 Greece, 1/4-14/2013 p.m. Spain)
1/6/20131/11/2013Africa Missionary Volunteers Training - London Church D. Liang
5/2/20135/13/2013Outreach/ Training/ Pastoral VisitationS. Hwang (Russia)
12/31/20131/20/2014Outreach/ Training/ Pastoral VisitationS. Hwang (Russia)
S. America
1/6/20131/18/2013Theological Seminar in ArgentinaE. Hou
1/10/20131/21/2013Pastoral Visitation G. Chen (Ecuador)
1/19/20131/20/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation in ArgentinaE. Hou
1/25/20132/6/2013Pastoral Visitation & ESSC in ArgentinaJ. Chou
2/5/20133/4/2013Pastoral Visitation & ESSC W. Yeh (2/5-2/25 Brazil, 2/26-3/4 Foz)
2/8/20132/10/2013ESSC & Church Dedication in ChileJ. Chou
5/10/20136/10/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingE. Hou (5/10-5/31 Brazil, 6/1-6/10 Foz)
7/20/20137/28/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation in ArgentinaC. Chou
7/21/20137/26/2013Student Spiritual Convocation (SSC) in ArgentinaC. Chou
8/28/20139/22/2013Pastoral Visitation & TrainingG. Chen (8/28-9/15 Brazil, 9/16-9/23 Foz)
11/21/201312/16/2013Pastoral VisitationD. Liang
12/31/20136/30/2014Spanish Training in ArgentinaS. Kuo
1/12/20141/24/2014Short-Term Theological Class in ArgentinaR. Chou
1/22/20142/4/2014Pastoral Visitation in EcuadorC. Chou
1/25/20142/2/2014Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation in ArgentinaR. Chou (1/25-1/26; 2/1-2/2)
1/13/20132/8/2013e-Learning Project  網路教學計畫H.H. Ko
3/27/20135/5/2013Evangelical Service & Spiritual ConvocationE.Y. Ho
4/5/20135/5/2013Pastoral Visitation for Indonesia MembersYohan
7/1/20137/26/2013e-Learning Project  網路教學計畫H.H. Ko
11/4/201311/17/2013TrainingH.H. Ko
12/29/20131/3/2014College Youth Spiritual Convocation in East CoastT. Yeung
1/14/20142/5/2014e-Learning Project  網路教學計畫H.H. Ko